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What is Augsburg like for me?
Well, Augsburg Academy is going to be the type of school for you which you make it. Sure, that
sounds like some smart response from an adult, but really--you will get out of Augsburg exactly what
you put into it. You will be challenged academically. You'll be called on to be a leader in some cases
and a follower in others. As you grow, so will your responsibilities as well as your privileges.

What's this deal about uniforms?
In life, we are judged by what we do, not how we are dressed (except in Hollywood, but that's
something completely different than real life). The uniforms make getting up in the morning and figuring
out what to wear a lot easier. And, when you're going to or from school or out on a school trip, uniforms
let the world know that you are part of our fine school. Besides, the uniforms are comfortable, and you
do have choices most days.

Are you going to make me memorize the Bible? After all, this is a religious school.
Relax. Yes, you will be expected to memorize some significant Bible verses, but we don't expect you
to memorize the whole Bible. We want you to know the message of the Bible, however, and what God's
plans for your salvation--and indeed, the salvation of all of us--mean for you.

As for being a "religious school," that's not quite accurate. We are an elementary and secondary
academy dedicated to providing the best possible education for our students. We just happen to be
organized as the ministry of a particular church, and we do place our religious education priority on
Christian teaching.

I am a/an [athlete, musician, dancer, artist, bookworm, etc]. Will Augsburg be right for me?
Sure, if you want it to be. Of course, what we can offer in sports, music, and the arts will vary from year
to year as we grow. But, if there is something you want to do, we'll do our best to find a way to make it

Why should I come to a small school like Augsburg Academy?
Well, because you'll get to know everyone in the academy, student and faculty alike. You'll have the
chance to be a leader, as well as have the chance to learn from others. Instead of being one of 200 or
so students in your grade, you'll be known well by your teachers (handy when you need that letter of
recommendation written for a job, scholarship, or college!)

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