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Special Information for Parents of Competitive Athletes
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Does your child compete at the regional, national, or international level?
If so, Augsburg Academy may be the perfect school! Because of our location, we have access to
world-class training facilities
and coaches in ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, curling,
swimming, diving, gymnastics and tennis. No other school in our area--public or private--offers these
right on campus.

How do all those things help me?
Instead of you and your student athlete getting up before dawn, struggling to get to the rink, pool, or
gym, waiting patiently for the practice time to finish, speeding off to school (often late, when a practice
runs long, a coach talks too much, or traffic is a disaster), and then heading to work yourself, only to
start the process again in the afternoon, you have a "one-stop" process, since the ice sports are part of
our facility, and the pool, gymnastics, and tennis center are right across the parking lot. and, two days
a week at least, we can work with your student's coach to allow practice time as part of physical
education, for which we will give your student academic credit for PE.

We also understand the need to travel for competitions, and that makes missing school necessary
thing from time to time. Augsburg understands this, and instead of penalizing your student, we'll provide
materials for the student to complete while gone, and then return for grading upon return. The Student
and Parent Handbook outlines our policy for submitting work following an excused absence.

Does Augsburg field teams in these sports?
Not yet, except we do plan to start our curling team in 2009-2010. However, as we grow as a school,
we expect to field our own teams in these sports at all levels where we have enough student athletes to

Can my student's own coach work with her/him?
Absolutely! Unless, of course, you want someone else to coach, of course. We have a competitive
figure skating coach and a director of hockey operations on our staff.

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